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Training Philosophy

The coaches at Welded Fitness firmly believe that the most valuable form of training is found in the form of Individual Design. One coach for one athlete. This allows for a relationship to be developed at a much deeper level than any other program can allow for and increases the likelihood of success for the athlete to reach their goals. We believe in cultivating deep and long-lasting relationships with our athletes for the purpose of support and accountability. 

Why We Exist

Welded Fitness exists for the opportunity to serve individuals from all walks of life through the medium of a functional rehabilitation and performance program that is committed to an individual design approach to training. We exist for the purpose of engaging every athlete who walks through our door as a holistic being (heart, mind, body, and soul), and thus our training approach does not target only physical health but also lifestyle changes, personal nutrition, mental health, and intrinsic motivation.

Who We Are For

The Welded Fitness program exists to serve people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Whether you are looking to become a healthier version of yourself, get back to a previous level of fitness you once held but have since lost, or are looking to be a competitive athlete in your respective sport, Welded Fitness has the resources to help you achieve your goal. Regardless of your previous athletic background or lack of one, our coaches can help guide you down the path of success as defined by you.


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