Welded Fitness Athlete Life cycle

Initial Consultation

The first step in getting started with Welded Fitness is to schedule an Initial Consultation with one of our experienced coaches who will help map out your goals (weight loss, increased performance, mobility, pain free movement, etc...) and create a game plan moving forward.

Movement Assessment

Once you and your coach have a clearer understanding of your goals and priorities for working with Welded Fitness, your coach can then create and walk you through a Functional Movement Assessment that is consistent and appropriate for your goals. This assessment will help your coach identify areas of dysfunctional movement, symmetrical imbalances, strength limitations and a host of other issues. 

Individual Program Design

With you and your coach armed with the knowledge gained from the Initial Consultation and the Functional Movement Assessment, your coach can then begin to design a program based solely on your specific needs, limitations, abilities, and goals. This is the heart of the Welded Fitness program and the ultimate piece that sets us apart from all the fitness commodities flooding the market today. 

Program Design Implementation

The best program in the world is useless if it isn't implemented in an appropriate manner. This is why following your individual program design, your coach will then be by you every step of the way in your training sessions to ensure that the movements are being performed correctly, the desired stimulus of the workout is being met, and that changes can be made to your program depending on your recovery and other factors. 

Nutritional Support

In collaboration with your individual program design, your coach will also create and help you implement nutritional guidelines based on your goals that will help you maximize your performance. Just like there are no cookie-cutter approaches to program design, there are no cookie-cutter approaches to nutrition. Each individual has different goals and responds in different ways both to training and nutrition. Therefore individual program design and individualized nutrition are at the core of our program.

Monthly Check-ins

The coaches at Welded Fitness understand that in order for any kind of fitness program to be successful long term, accountability and support is necessary. This is why every month your coach will be scheduling a follow-up consultation to discuss how you feel your training is progressing, any lifestyle factors that could have changed and are affecting your training, as well as to discuss the progress being made toward your goals