Jake Naumcheff

Jake is a native of Huntsville, Alabama. He has lived in Birmingham for the past four years and has been married to his wife, Lauren, for three years. Jake has worked in the fitness industry in various facets since 2009. Before creating Welded Fitness, he worked as as a strength and conditioning coach at the high school level, CrossFit coach for multiple affiliates, and provided programming for over 50 gyms throughout the country. Currently, Jake practices as an individual CrossFit Coach, Functional Rehabilitation Specialist, and Positional Development Coach for a multitude of sports. Jake has coached several competitive athletes who have gone on to compete at the CrossFit Games and CrossFit Regionals, but he also coaches other individuals with a wide array of fitness levels and goals. 

Jake graduated with a BS in Christian Leadership from Southeastern Bible College and is in the process of finishing his M.Div from Southern Seminary.

Austin Galloway

Austin was raised in the small town of Geneva, AL, where he grew up playing a

multitude of sports, but baseball was always his first love. Austin began weight training in the 7th grade for his school’s sports strength and conditioning program. Slightly overweight as a young

teenager, he found the true physiological and psychological benefits that a consistent training

regimen can provide to someone, not just as an athlete, but as a healthy individual also. After

years of work and dedication, Austin earned a spot to play baseball at the Alabama community

college level.

After his playing career, Austin began training baseball specific athletes while finishing

his bachelor’s degree. At this time he found Crossfit and was hooked. Crossfit blended his

passion for strength and conditioning with athletic performance and competition. As a general

fitness enthusiast and natural coach, he decided to turn his enthusiasm into a career. Austin

graduated from Troy University with a degree in Sport and Fitness Management while minoring

in Nutrition, obtained his Crossfit Level 1, and began coaching at Crossfit Embrace in Dothan,


Austin has worked with 100s of baseball athletes and 100s of Crossfit athletes and

understands that for someone to truly reach their optimal potential, individuality of programming is key. Whether you are an elite functional fitness athlete or sporting athlete, general fitness enthusiast seeking better health and wellness, or sick and unwell looking to reverse your place on the wellness-fitness continuum, Austin can help you obtain your individual and specific goals.